Become an Agent

Are you interested in becoming an agent or distributor at Costamani and want to join one of the fastest-growing Scandinavian brands, we think you should read along. 

The Costamani mission 

At Costamani we are committed to creating continuous growth and significantly increase availability by providing selected markets with a world of beautiful prints and unique color combinations. Therefore, we are more than ready to manifest our brand. 

We would love to hear from any potential agents or distributor who believes in our world.

Application requirements 

In order for Costamani to secure continuous growth we have some requirements we need to see fit. As a business profile you're already in business and most likely have a strong portfolio of existing customers with access to potential new customers in the medium to high segment. 

If you want to apply to our agent/distributor setup, we need you to make a short presentation where you include: 

- How many years have you been in business? 
- A brand portfolio 
- Showroom location(s) 
- The size of your team 
- Full service/sales agency 

We're looking forward to hearing from you and reading your application. 


Please contact Costamani - Founder / Merete Wang Andersen
Phone: (+45) 20 99 95 65

Best regards Team Costamani.