Journalist and author Lotte Tegner Freddie wants to help make a difference and change the imminent, life-threatening climate change the world is facing. Therefore, she began to explore the world of bees. "We know how important the work of bees is in nature. No bees, no breeding, no harvest, no food. Globally”. The bees are endangered and with all the focus on nature and the environment, Lotte believes that it is the bees and their contribution to life that can help make a big difference.

That's why Lotte contacted us and we immediately came up with the idea of ​​a collaboration around an organic and sustainable Love shirt. The collection must help to create awareness by raising money for the Danish Beekeepers' Association and thus remedy the dwindling number of bees.

"If we love life, our children, family and friends, the bees must be protected", is Lotte's entry into the good initiative - to support the living conditions of the endangered bees. This is done by buying one of Lotte Tegner Freddie's Love shirts from selected retailers throughout Scandinavia as well as from us.

The profit goes uncut to the Danish Beekeepers' Association.
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