Beautiful knitwear at Costamani

At Costamani, we design knitwear in various colors and models, everything from delicious and soft knit sweaters, beautiful and dressy tops to fine and modern cardigans.

Knitwear can be used both in winter and summer, and everything in between, and is therefore a versatile and important piece of clothing that belongs in every woman's wardrobe. That is why at Costamani we focus on designing delicious, soft and beautiful knitwear that can be used for several occasions . Our Costamani knits can be styled in several ways to suit your personal style.

Knitted jumpers from Costamani come in good materials and great colours, with a flattering cut. You can style our knitted jumpers with trousers on the colder days, or with shorts and skirts for a looser outfit on a beautiful summer evening. Our knitted jumpers can also be styled on top of a nice dress to create a beautiful and modern silhouette. That way, you will be able to take off or put on the elastic depending on the temperature.

Our knitted tops hug the female body beautifully and are super trendy . Costamani tops can be used with a skirt, trousers and shorts. Our tops can also be worn under our cardigans in the same materials to create a matching look.

Our Costamani cardigans come in a unique design , with modern and cute puff sleeves. Our cardigans can be used as part of an outfit over a bold top, blouse or T-shirt, with skirts, trousers and shorts. And our Costamani cardigans can be included in the bag in case it gets colder. But I wonder if you choose to wear your Costamani cardigan in any case, as it is too beautiful not to be shown off.