Unique feminine dresses

Women love dresses because they can be anything from ultra feminine to raw and cool. Dresses are great because they can be worn alone or with other clothing items. This makes it both versatile and easy for you to style, and gives you the opportunity to personalize your look.

At Costamani you will find beautiful and flattering dresses in several different models, patterns, colors and materials . We design dresses that are beautiful and feminine, both in terms of prints and colours, but also in terms of fit. This can be seen in the fact that the dresses highlight the beautiful shapes of the female body, with e.g. a tie around the waist.

If you are instead looking for a dress with a bohemian look , this is also possible to find at Costamani, as several of our dresses have a flattering loose fit, in beautiful prints and colors that give just the right bohemian look. If you want dresses that, on the other hand, give a raw expression, this can also be done with Costamani's beautiful dresses. That is why we are sure that we have dresses to suit your taste.

Our Costamani dresses can be styled with smart trousers underneath, for a more toned-down and everyday look. You will also be able to achieve a toned-down and everyday look by using a T-shirt under a dress with straps.

Your dress can also be styled with a beautiful cardigan or knitted sweater over it, and that way you have both a nice skirt and a beautiful dress, in one and the same product. Smart isn't it? Using a cardigan or knitted sweater over your dress can also be a good idea on the cooler days.

Explore our many dresses in different prints, colors and models, and order here on the page, and we will ensure that your order is dispatched within 1-2 working days.